ACTION ALERT: Stop a bill that would block game wardens from protecting wildlife

What is Assembly Bill 411?

The Wisconsin Assembly Natural Resources Committee is considering a bill this Wednesday that would violate the public trust and put Wisconsin on a slippery slope to privatizing our wildlife and encouraging poaching.

This bill removes the authority of conservation laws to go onto the open fields of the 80% of Wisconsin that is privately owned to protect the publicly owned fish and game of this state. Wardens would not be able to check to see if hunters, anglers and trappers have licenses or are in compliance with other important hunting, fishing and trapping regulations. Under this bill, the only time that a warden could go onto the open fields of private property is when they had substantial information in advance that a violation had occurred.

Please oppose Assembly Bill 411 either in person on Wednesday or by submitting an email through the Endangered Species Coalition here.

The “Open Fields” doctrine allows conservation wardens and every other law enforcement officer in the state to go onto open areas of private land to check compliance with laws but does not allow law enforcement officers to enter buildings on private land. In summary, the bill singles conservation wardens out by making them the only law enforcement officers in the state that will not be permitted to check compliance with laws in open fields.

It is critically important that as many of us as possible attend this meeting and support our local conservation wardens by attending the hearing and registering or testifying against the bill.

The hearing will be at the Assembly Natural Resource and Sporting Heritage Committee at 10 am on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 in Room 417 North, State Capitol.

If you cannot attend the hearing because of work or other commitments, please send an email to the Committee Members by cutting and pasting the following block of emails of committee members and sending them an email opposing Assembly 411 before the hearing on Wednesday:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.

Melissa Smith

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