VICTORY: Great Lakes Wolves Remain Federally Protected!

Last week we learned that policy riders that would have delisted Great Lakes wolves were eliminated from the final version of the omnibus spending bill. This is a HUGE victory meaning that wolves in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin will not face hunting and trapping seasons in the near future!

We have heard from allies in Congress that senators and representatives received thousands of emails, phone calls and tweets asking them to keep these wolves protected. Thank you for ALL for contacting congress on behalf of wolves and the Endangered Species Act.ย 

We may be celebrating today, but this fight is long from over, as wolves may still lose federal protections in the coming year…

In two weeks, wildlife advocates in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota will be gathering in solidarity at their state capitols to meet with lawmakers and speak for wolves and wildlife in the Great Lakes region.

Pleaseย join us onย April 11th for our Wildlife Day at the Capitol. Register by April 6th and get a FREE Wildlife Day t-shirt !ย wildlife day

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