Morality for All

Melissa Smith

I feel like living in today’s world, the normal response is anger, fear and anxiety. I’m alone and sad and scared about America. And I don’t want to be a “good” German. I have always believed that there is no inherent sense of right and wrong within people, that morality comes from a just society.

An unjust society leads to immoral people and environmental destruction. It’s how mass atrocities happen.

What is happening in this country right now makes me believe this more. And not just this separation of families at the borders, this is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

And no its not the same, but I personally feel the same when animals, like wolves, who operate the same way we do, have their families destroyed because of hatred and misunderstanding. My heart hurts the same because I view all species are trying to survive without unjust cruelty.

In my worldview and culture, we are the same. We all share the same fate. Not above or below. Because this was their home first, because wild animals too are often seeking asylum from violence. Violence is violence. It is the same common enemy we face. Those who hate wolves probably support this immigration policy or worse. The whole thing is a lack of compassion, and unjust policy.

Let’s be kind to the people and animals around us. That has to be the key right? Even if they aren’t kind back? Even if its supposed to be the people who love us and can’t? Even if its a wild animal?

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