Stop Extinction Challenge!

Our fight to protect wolves is not over. First they tried delisting wolves, and now they’re trying to gut the Endangered Species Act, the law that has been protecting them for years.

This May, the IPBES released a shocking report showing that over one million species are currently threatened with extinction, and that this decline is happening at an accelerated rate. Polar bears, right whales, sea turtles, and countless species of birds and insects could vanish forever. The transformative change necessary to protect our ecosystems won’t happen on its own – it will require citizens across the world to hold their governments accountable for building a sustainable future.

Join the challenge with people from across the country on August 16th to meet with your senators to protect endangered species and other wildlife!

In spite of this wakeup call, the Trump Administration’s Department of Interior has been rolling back protections for endangered species. Proposed regulation changes that would weaken one of the most important laws we have to protect wildlife, the Endangered Species Act. These regulatory changes would make it more difficult to protect species impacted by climate change and easier to remove species from the endangered species list, as well as weakening the consultation process. We need to fight.

Our best hope is to send a strong message to Congress that endangered species need stronger protections.

That’s why we are partnering with the Endangered Species Coalition to take our message to Congress this summer through the Stop Extinction Challenge.

Join us on August 16th in showing up to your nearest senator’s office to let him/her know that you support the Endangered Species Act and oppose these attacks. We know that you can do this and it is so very important if we are to protect the Endangered Species Act and the plants, fish, and wildlife it keeps safe. If we lose these battles, wildlife will die. Some may even vanish into extinction.

The tide is slowly turning and there is hope. Congress has introduced positive legislation that support the Endangered Species Act such as the Wildlife Corridors and Conservation Act. But we need your support on August 16th to make a strong push to help us reach this tipping point for wildlife! Please watch this short video and then sign up here.

We’ll be there every step of the way to help you prepare for this visit. Once you sign up, you’ll receive training, materials and support to make sure your meeting with your senator is a success. Even if you’ve never lobbied before, this is your chance to join a team in your state and learn by sending a powerful message to our elected leaders.

Hearing directly from their constituents is powerful motivation for senators to stand strong for wolves, polar bears, sea turtles and all species at risk of extinction.


Already joined? Find a how-to-advocate video, talking points, and other materials at




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