Conservation Congress Spring Hearings – WI Wildlife NEEDS your vote !

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress spring hearings are a decades-long tradition in Wisconsin that allow all of us to vote on questions regarding wildlife, wildlands, and water in our state. But as COVID-19 infections spread over the last month, in-person participation has been cancelled this year, and voting is being held online only.

Vote in the comfort of your home or from any device!  The voting link will become active beginning @ 7:00 pm on Monday, April 14th and run for 72 hours.


Our friends at The League of Humane Voters is in support/opposition to the following questions and have no opinion on those questions not listed.  *You are NOT required to answer all questions if you have no opinion.


Questions 1-8:       Remove lead in hunting ammunition

Question 13:          Remove archery and crossbow buck tags during the firearm killing season

Question 14:          Changing crossbow killing season

Question 16:          Restricting baiting and feeding of deer statewide

Question 17:          Restricting crossbow killing prior to trad’l firearms season

Question 21:          Granting increased authority to DNR to manage baiting

Question 28:          Opposing Back Forty Metallic Sulfide Mine

Question 51:          Increased law enforcement for recreational/natural resource trespassing complaints


Question 10:           Extend the firearm deer hunting season

Question 18:           Establish a spring bear killing season (in addition to the trad’l fall season)

Question 25:           Adding manmade bear baiting stations (removing regulations)

Question 26:           Changing Bear-baiting containment (removing regulations)

Question 27:           Increase turkey killing

Question 29:           Increased motorized recreational vehicle activity & eliminating safety courses

Question 30:           Legislate a tax-payer funded shooting coordinator position

Question 31:           Institute a Badger killing season

Question 33:           Adding SIX weeks to the use of inhumane cable restraints by trappers

Question 34:           Increase the time allowed to kill Bobcats (six weeks)

Question 46:           Allow underwater spear fishing


Special interest groups are now pushing to kill bears in the spring when they have their young, more time to kill bobcats, fewer restrictions on bear baiting, use snares on foxes and coyotes, and now they want to kill badgers and sandhill cranes. PLEASE take some time to vote for wildlife today. Should the NRA and narrow special interests set on destroying our natural world dictate these policies…or should we?

More Info: In-person meetings canceled, public input still accepted online April 13-16

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