Conservative “Legal Group” Sues Wisconsin to Start Wolf Hunt Immediately


Madison, WI –  A conservative legal firm is suing Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources on behalf of an out of state based “hunting” group to force it to schedule an immediate winter wolf hunt. An early hunt was voted down last month by the Natural Resources Board after over 1400 citizens and tribal authorities testified to shut it down. Over 75% of the testimony and written comments did not favor a wolf hunt at all, even in the fall.

Jeremy St. Arnold, former Tribal wolf biologist and scientific advisor to Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance stated that “no other endangered species has received this type of expedited legislature attempts or lawsuits, so while the USFWS claims it isn’t a special species…they, along with people on both extremes, continue to prove otherwise. In addition, the tribes, by law must be consulted which they have not been, and this lawsuit removes any consultation whatsoever and is disrespectful on it’s own.”

Britt Ricci, who lives in Northern Wisconsin feels this is a bad move for rural Wisconsin residents. “The anti-wolf crowd, no doubt, will tout this as a victory for wolves, but nothing could be further from the truth. Wolves in Wisconsin could be subject to inhumane trapping, snaring and hounding. Indiscriminate killing of wolves actually increases conflicts and spreads deer disease like CWD, so the special interests like the farm bureau and sportsmen’s groups are not only doing a disservice to themselves pushing an early wolf hunt but may cause the wolf to be relisted again.”

Paul Collins, a long time Wisconsin wildlife advocate also expressed concerns about the hypocrisy of the out of state based special interest group behind the lawsuit and the motivations behind it. “I find it baffling that despite the Wisconsin DNR already setting up a wolf killing season for November, an out of state-based group of well-known far right extremists is demanding an immediate killing season less than a month post-delisting. These same people wonder why wildlife advocacy groups keep fighting for wolves and challenging the federal delistings in court? Look no further than the actions on display here. Apparently being able to send unlimited packs of hounds legally 24/7/365 against wolves under the guise of “training” isn’t enough for these extremists. They also must be able to immediately satiate their desire for “trophies” while pretending that it has something to do with “rights,” “the law,” and “conservation.” There is something much more nefarious here than just the desire to kill wolves, I am afraid. It should come as no surprise that some behind this lawsuit have quite the history of undermining the rights of others and even democracy itself. The hypocrisy on display here is staggering.” 

The Wolf Advisory committee under Governor Scott Walker, and now under Governor Evers  blocks pro-wolf or scientists outside of the DNR from participating.  The DNR’s own study shows very large support for the wolf population statewide at it’s current population and majority support in wolf country.All citizens should have a say and not just special interest lobbying groups and conservative think tanks that wish to have the species removed from the landscape entirely so they can exploit Wisconsin.

Mary Anderson, a Washburn County farmer, and forest technician with the Department of Agriculture stated that she has to work a full time job in addition to running her farm. “Wolves are the farthest thing down my list of problems. I’m worried about having jobs in rural Wisconsin, clean water and watching out for family farms. Honestly I’ve had more problems with loose dogs than the resident wolf pack along the river. Wolf depredation occurred at only 13 out of over 70,000 farms in Wisconsin. Hardly a crisis and people are reimbursed for their losses and can use lethal control if necessary.”

16 thoughts on “Conservative “Legal Group” Sues Wisconsin to Start Wolf Hunt Immediately

  1. Great article. As a hunter concerned about CWD in the deer heard, I think wolves should be viewed as allies. I am absolutely opposed to sport hunting or trapping of wolves.

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  2. I was so angry to see on the news that some out-of-state group sued to get WI wolves killed. This isn’t science based. Wolves keep a balance, and there are definitely enough deer to “go around”. Our neighbors use guard donkeys to protect their livestock if that’s the issue?


  3. We dreamed of moving to northern Wisconsin for the very reason of the presence of wolves and the beauty of the wilderness. We are here now looking to buy a home but I am beginning to lose hope in living here now that I’ve learned about the disgusting politics that they will soon be hunted. Why can’t they just be relocated if need be. The Great Smoky Mountains no longer has any, which was also disappointing to me.. And this excuse they come up with that wolves come and attack their little dogs in the back yard. Bull crap! Be a responsible dog owner, get your country bumpkin butt off the sofa and supervise your dog or put him on a leash. Wolves are beautiful animals, we need them to control the deer population and balance the biodiversity of the forest.


  4. I am in Europe and cannot access the Wisc State Journal because the newspaper doesn’t comply with EU data protection. Can someone provide me with an email address to the editor? Thank you!


      1. Thanks Sue. You are outstanding! If I told you how many people I asked, how many pages I posted…..


      2. Sue, I am pleased to tell you and the other readers that my letter (somewhat shortened by the editor) will be published in the Wisconsin State Journal tomorrow 23.Feb 2021. Thank you once again for helping me out!


  5. Does anyone have an email address for the Jefferson County court where Judge Bennett Brantmeier sits? Also, the Wisc Lt Gov’s email kicked back. How does one write to Gov Scott Walker? Any help appreciated.


  6. Check out the Wisconsin State Journal newspaper tomorrow 23.Feb for a letter to the editor from me re: wolf hunt / Judge Brantmeier.


      1. Sue and everyone……
        Phil Hands agreed to publish today and I previewed and approved the edited letter. Later he reneged. The newspaper’s editor rejected it reasoning that the paper’s general audience would not understand it. Bogus!

        I’m sorry everyone. I’m trying elsewhere.


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