ACTION ALERT: Help Us Save Wisconsin Wolves TODAY

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Many of you have contacted us recently, expressing interest in getting more involved with our effort to STOP the mandatory state-sanctioned wolf hunt scheduled to happen in Wisconsin later this fall…you asked, and we heard you loud and clear!

So, here are three things you can do to help save Wisconsin wolves TODAY. As always, if you have any questions on how to complete any of the following actions, please contact us here.

1. Wolf hunt bill. Contact your legislators!

Lawmakers have drafted legislation to end Wisconsin’s mandatory wolf hunting season. By changing a single word in state statutes from “shall” to “may” the bill would give the Department of Natural Resources discretion over whether to hold a hunt or not. While our organization objects to any recreational hunting or trapping of wolves, this is a crucial first step to remove the mandate to kill wolves, the only species with such a mandate.

“The DNR should have discretion over whether to hold a hunt so that our state can make scientifically informed decisions about wildlife management, uphold our responsibilities to consult with sovereign tribal governments, and take the considerations of the public into account before hunts are held,” sponsors Sen. Tim Carpenter or Milwaukee and Rep. Jodi Emerson of Eau Claire wrote.

Please call your Representatives and ask them to support this legislation. If they already have supported it, thank them for their dedication to sensible, scientific wolf management in the state.

2.  Ask your State Senator to co-sponsor resolution LRB 4473/1, relating to: advice and consent of the senate.

This bill will require that all Governor’s appointments get hearings within 100 days. As we have seen with Dr. Prehn, who is still illegally sitting in his Natural Resources Board chair position, this would allow our new appointee a hearing and forward motion for her to finally take her rightful seat. 

“This resolution amends the senate rules to provide that the president must refer a nomination to committee within 10 days after the appointment is submitted to the senate and the committee must report its findings and recommendations to the senate within 50 days after referral. The rules are further amended to require that the senate must consider a nomination within 40 days after a committee has reported its findings and recommendations on the nomination to the senate.”

Please call your Senators ONLY and ask them to support this legislation. If they already have supported it, thank them for their dedication to democracy and to stop Dr. Prehn. Find your State Senators here:

3. Write an LTE supporting these legislative actions and our lawsuit.

It is important to keep wolves in the news! You can choose to write about wolves, agency reform, Dr. Prehn’s unethical behavior, whatever you wish. Click below to learn more about writing an effective letter to the editor:


A letter to the editor (LTE) is an effective way to influence elected officials and educate others. Members of Congress are particularly responsive to letters in their constituents’ local newspapers. There may be no easier way to make a public statement of support for wolves than a writing a letter to the editor.

4 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT: Help Us Save Wisconsin Wolves TODAY

  1. Thank you for this and I will follow-up.

    But given that the Wolf-hating Republicans have a LOCK on the state legislature I think we must also be putting pressure on Biden and Haaland, the so-called “Environmental Democrats”.



    1. You are correct ecosocialist69 in bringing this issue of political party into the fore. I live in SE WI and this area is overwhelmingly Republican. Both my assembly person and senator are Repulicans. They do not think for themselves, they simply follow the Republican orders. Nearly all of the legislators in this part of the state Republican so contacting them would most certainly result in dubious results. I don’t know what President Biden could do other than perhaps return wolves to the Endangered Species List. I am unsure whether he would do this and don’t the process it would take. Perhaps Deb Haaland is the person to give Biden advice?


  2. Wisconsin wolves are imperiled – as a key species, they keep the ecosystem balanced while doing no harm. We need to rally our efforts to protect them from big-money interests & barbaric “trophy” hunts. The majority of Wis. residents support their protection, opposing impacting the fragile
    balance wolves provide in our ecosystem.


  3. Stop the hunt scheduled to start Nov 6th, 2021. Another 300 wolves targeted and the number of wolves killed, will be exceeded, as it was in the last hunt. Allowed by DNR. Our wolves need to be returned to ESA protection across the lower 48. In addition to the action requested on this post, please go to USFWS comment period. Docket number: FWS-HQ-ES-2021-0106. Protection for our wolves.


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