Jason Momoa Joins in the Howl to #RelistWolves as an Endangered Species

Jason Momoa stars in a new campaign video urging the government to put wolves back on the endangered species list. As Momoa notes, hunters are not just slaughtering adult wolves, but killing their pups in their dens, and the actor is joining other celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Iliza Shlesinger in petitioning President Joe Biden to #RelistWolves.

Via his Instagram:

Raise your voice for wolves! Gray wolves are under attack in America. Idaho and Montana have authorized the killing of up to 90% of their wolf populations. A hunt in Wisconsin saw over 200 wolves killed in just 60 hours. But we have the power to stop the slaughter, by putting the gray wolf back on the Endangered Species List. Please visit RelistWolves.org and join me in urging the Biden Administration to #RelistWolves now!

WARNING: Video contains graphic hunting imagery.



11 thoughts on “Jason Momoa Joins in the Howl to #RelistWolves as an Endangered Species

  1. Dear Friend

    I have asked to stop the killing of these beautiful creatures. I am an Englishman, with just a single voice. I hope you will find many voices to help save the Wolf.

    Kind Regards


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  2. I do not want to buy any product that comes from hunters etc… that they hunt wolf for their prosperity and greed. That i mean is the meat or any other product because i dont support it financially.. Please president put wolfs back on the endangered species list. We should know where the meat comes from in our grocery stores because i dont support them with my money. if they are killing these beautiful wolfs.


  3. I can’t see any other way these creatures of God can be preserved. There is just so much lust to kill them, most of the time not for any acceptable reason. If their populations get out of ontrol, based on real data and expert study by professional wildlife conservationists, then should limited and carefully planned hunts be allowed. No more of these “open for extermination” unplanned, poorly regulated hunts! And the methods of hunting should be tightly controlled…no hound hunting, no trapping and snares. These are disgusting and cruel beyond words. Get your friends, family, and colleagues involved. We are in a uphill battle, but with many involved, hopefully we can change the minds of Biden & his administration, along with some members of Congress.

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  4. Quit killing grey wolves. As well as the red wolves and Mexican wolves. All are endangered species. Hey Joe, add them back to the endangered species list. Light a fire under the Interior to get things done – Deb Haaland.

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  5. It is most important to note that the North American grey wolf is being killed in record numbers throughout the Rockies. Wyoming, Montana & Idaho on the American side and B.C. In Canada. Both countries do NOT have any endangered species protection for the grey wolves but the hunts going on plus the poaching in other states will bring this magnificent intelligent & sentient species to extinction. Wolves take care of their elders, mate for life, love their families and live in packs, when they travel the Alpha is always at the back as he is responsible for the safety of his pack. Trophy hunters are disgusting, they are using high powered rifles with bump stocks, night vision, ATVโ€™s, airplanes, they are trapping & snaring and using dynamite to blow up dens and killing pups that havenโ€™t yet opened their eyes.

    We only have to look at the famous Yellowstone study to know that the wolf is a keystone species and theyโ€™re resistant to chronic wasting disease, with their extremely sensitive noses they can smell bacteria and they pick up the deer or elk or caribou in the herd and thus prevent the disease from spreading throughout the herd. The herd is healthier, smaller so the grasses and leafy greens have a chance to grow back thus even effecting how the river flowed. The ecosystem we live works much better with wolves in it. This is proven in the study since the wolves were reintroduced in 1995.

    Over 560 scientists from many countries have found the wolf intelligent and sentient, having the same emotional capacity as humans, possibly they mourn their dead more than we do.

    Itโ€™s time we make our voices loud so that both the American & Canadian governments place the iconic grey wolves under the protection of the endangered species act.

    As well itโ€™s time our mutual governments show respect to all our First Nations who believe the wolf is a spirit animal and thus part of their religion.

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