Ethical Hunters Offer Additional $5,000 Reward for Info on Illegal Wolf Killings


December 16th, 2021

Press Contact: Erik Schyvinck

Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance 

715 869-2312 / 

Eau Claire, Wis. — After Animal Wellness Action offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the successful arrest and prosecution of anyone engaged in illegal poaching of wolves in the state last week, Hunters for Wolves, a coalition of sportsmen and women, added to the pool of money to bring attention to the illegal poaching of wildlife and to prompt more vigorous enforcement of our Wisconsin laws. 

Hunters for Wolves agrees with the assessment that Animal Wellness Action made last week that threats against wolves are increasing due to the recent court ruling and that a national relisting order may come any day from USFWS.

Hunters for Wolves formed to advocate for healthy ecosystems to be scientifically and ethically managed to protect our wolves for present and future generations. Last May, the group funded and released ten billboards across Northern Wisconsin featuring “Real Hunters Don’t Kill Wolves”. To learn more about their cause, visit

The group says that wolf poaching or any wildlife crime reflects badly on real hunters and that hunting organizations have a duty to protect all wildlife from poaching, regardless of the species.

Erik Schyvinck of the Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance stated that “while we may not see eye to eye on all wildlife issues with more humane or animal rights leaning organizations, this is an issue that anyone interested in conservation should definitely agree on, no matter what side of the aisle you sit. Poaching hurts everyone, especially sensitive animals like wolves.

I hear the chatter amongst slob hunters and poaching is a real issue for a lot of game species but certainly the hatred of wolves increases this animosity. If hunters talked about elk they way they talk about poaching wolves, the hunting community would be outraged.”

Anyone with knowledge of illegal wolf hunting activities can report them through the DNR Tip Hotline at 1-800-TIP-WDNR (1-800-847-9367) 

2 thoughts on “Ethical Hunters Offer Additional $5,000 Reward for Info on Illegal Wolf Killings

  1. How about increasing the amount of $ by advertising to the followers of Wolf Conservation Center, Defenders of Wildlife, etc. “Give to find and prosecute wolf killers!


  2. This picture makes me sick! The continued slaughter of our wolves, despite the hunt being halted shows you what vile so called human beings these people are. Many thanks to AWA and HFW for putting up this reward to catch poachers. And great news that a national relisting order may come any day. This horrendous attack on our wolves across our nation needs to stop now! Keep up the fight.


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