Help us Keep Wolves Protected this Earth Day

Wolves are a family-oriented species. Their pack is their family. And when hunters and poachers kill a key member of their family, it destabilizes the entire pack. Wolves are a keystone species meaning they are vital to maintaining healthy ecosystems. This Earth Day, help us keep wolves safe in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region.

Your Earth Day gift allows us to continue organizing and advocating for the strongest protections for our wolves.

Donating money isn’t the only way to give. Every act of generosity counts. And often, the most valuable gift is action.

Wolves perform vital ecological roles, bringing balance and stability to ecosystems and benefiting all living things. Let’s return the favor and help wolves in honor of Earth Day! You can share our mission to protect and preserve wolves just by giving your voice and taking action:

✓ Speak up for wolves! Participate in online awareness campaigns, join pro-wolf rallies and keep in touch with your local and state representatives. The best wolf supporter is a loud wolf supporter!

✓ Oppose measures that would weaken the ESA – wolves exist today because of the Endangered Species Act, and they rely on it to remain in place for full recovery. Urge your reps to oppose any efforts to strip wolves of ESA protection. 

✓ Stay informed – expand your knowledge about wolves by joining our weekly Fireside Chats, visiting our Advocacy Tools page, subscribing to our social media and website for breaking news, the latest research, and urgent action alerts. 

✓ Tell your story – educate your friends and family about wolves and why they mean so much to you. Spreading factual information and and your personal connection to wolves helps improve other’s perception of wolves and leads to increased social tolerance.

Thank you for being a part of our pack and for doing what you can!

Support the wolves you love.

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