Tweet or call to save our gray wolves! Join our phone jam to tie up Secretary Haaland and President Biden’s lines all day long with calls and tweets about wolves urging them to stand up for what’s right, listen to the American public, and relist wolves as an endangered species.

Click here for easy instructions and a short, simple script so that you know what to say.

Let’s make enough calls to tie up Secretary Haaland and President Biden’s phone lines all day long. We want to send them a powerful message that there is overwhelming public support for protecting wolves and that they must #RelistWolvesNow.

If you are on Twitter, please also tweet @secdebhaaland and @POTUS using any of the sample tweets provided below:

@POTUS and @SecDebHaaland should move fast to #RelistWolvesNow in the Northern Rockies. Wolves need to be protected throughout their whole range!

@POTUS Joe Biden, you said “I’m in” for wolves. Keep that promise and #RelistWolvesNow in the Northern Rockies.

@POTUS, you said “I’m in” about protecting gray wolves. Did you mean it? Then stop letting wolves get slaughtered in the Northern Rockies. #RelistWolvesNow.

@SecDebHaaland, if you are truly “committed to ensuring that wolves have the conservation they need to survive and thrive in the wild,” take real, meaningful action and #RelistWolvesNow in the Northern Rockies. 

On Feb 10th a court protected wolves in 44 states, but we need @SecDebHaaland and @POTUS to act now to protect them in the Northern Rockies, where they are still unprotected and in the most danger. #RelistWolvesNow

The treatment of wolves in the Northern Rockies and around Yellowstone National Park is brutal, cruel, and unethical. @SecDebHaaland and @POTUS, now is the time to #RelistWolves by authorizing an emergency relisting. 

At least 24 @YellowstoneNPS wolves have been killed this season. @SecDebHaaland and @POTUS, gray wolves everywhere and especially in our national parks are a national treasure. #RelistWolvesNow before more lose their lives.

Today, we need Secretary Haaland to lead. She can do that immediately by protecting gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act. Please tweet and call her TODAY.

2 thoughts on “DAY OF ACTION FOR WOLVES!

  1. And Tammy Baldwin!! As our Senator, she is an utter disappointment in protecting wolves. Shame on her. I’m so disappointed in her. We need a campaign to howl in her ear. Maybe every monthly full moon. Call it the Wolves Full Moon Campaign. Let’s put the howl in her ear. 👍

    Thanks for all your work and efforts for wolves. I’ll send in a contribution soon. Jack Saltes, Mount Horeb.

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