Dear Advocates,

With the holiday season upon us, I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for this year, and being able to connect again with the wildlife community, partners and stakeholders is certainly at the top of the list. Your unwavering support, engagement and spirited advocacy continues to inspire us as we look to build a more equitable and sustainable future for Wisconsin’s wolves and wildlife.

Together we have done so much this year, from our Vote Wild campaign to connecting with new advocates at Vegan Fest, challenging the Natural Resource Board, meeting with DNR leadership and even starting an anti-poaching project and education outreach using a life-like robotic wolf! We created a movement of endless pressure, endlessly applied for our wolves and our other wildlife. We’ve certainly had our challenges, like last weekend’s WCC committee meetings and the stalemate with the NRB, but despite those uphill battles, we are winning. We are making ourselves a legitimate partner with the agency and other organizations using science and our stories to create real change.

You and your hearts continue to inspire me.

I don’t want to minimize personal action to rescue nature and limit climate change — we all need to make significant lifestyle changes. But let’s be clear: to succeed, the heavy lifting must be done by governments and big corporations. You’ll often see our advice to write to your politicians or get involved in campaigns, which can seem a bit daunting if you’re short on time or haven’t done anything like this before. So, if that applies to you, I’d recommend you first start by supporting the work we do at Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife, and we’ll do most of the hard work for you. We pride ourselves on keeping you informed on the latest and help you become a fierce advocate for wildlife. We help you lobby the government about wildlife issues that you care about. In order to keep ourselves afloat, we absolutely rely on your generous donations. So please consider helping us reach our matching goal — we are already 80% of the way there!

Despite many challenges over the past year, together as a community we have accomplished a lot and have much to be proud of. I am looking forward to an even better 2023 with Wildlife Day, our 10-year Anniversary, the Robo Lobo project and outside adventures with you all. We also plan to ask Governor Evers to nominate more like-minded individuals to the Natural Resource Board. Our previous work makes us a real powerhouse to ask for these changes now.

On behalf of the entire GLWA, we are wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Holiday season, and peace on earth for the animals we are so fortunate to share this planet with.


We had some great discussions on the Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan during our last couple Fireside Chat meetings to help everyone finalize their public comments for submission to the DNR. Be on the lookout for the finalized guide including all of your wonderful suggestions on our Advocacy Tools page! Here are your questions answered by Large Carnivore Specialist, Randy Johnson:


In case you missed it, see below for recordings of our Fireside Chats and Melissa’s presentation with everything you need to know as you prepare your public comments on the Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan:


Conservationists Bristle at Stonewalling from DNR Bear, Wolf Advisory Committees

Feds Agree to Phase Out Lead Ammo + Tackle on Wildlife Refuges; Strengthen Species Protection

With your support, we’ll be able to keep driving our campaigns to save the wolves as they face down cruel hunting policies in the coming year. Your support and generosity are crucial to all the conservation work we do. It’s thanks to you that we’ll be able to keep up our work for the wolves, along with all our other crucial work to protect our wildlife and wild places. So once more, from us and from Wisconsin wolves — thank you.

Don’t worry if you missed Giving Tuesday — it’s not too late to support our work with a donation today. As you know, a very special donor has offered to match all donations up to $25,000 through the end of the month. We know it’s the holiday season and you’re likely drowning in emails asking for contributions, but it is so important that we reach our goal. The good news is…we only have 20% to go!

December 1, 2022: Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan Overview (Part 1)

December 15, 2022: Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan Overview (Part 2)

3 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2022 NEWSLETTER

  1. Hello!

    Thank you every thing you do!

    I have a question, a number of years ago the shirt fundraiser you did had a wolf that’s legs were tree trunks and the background was the shape of Wisconsin. I tried for years, unsuccessfully to order more. Is there a way I can get a hold of those shirts/sweatshirts again?

    Our home is in Rusk County and for a while we had a pack of 13 near by. But sadly a local farmer was having “issues” and the pack was “removed” by the DNR. My blood still boils regarding this. I can hope and pray that a new pack someday takes up residence near by so that my dream of sitting on my porch and seeing a wolf or hear them in the woods will come true.

    Again, you are a gift to the wildlife of Wisconsin.

    Thank you! Emily



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