PRESS RELEASE: Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance hosts Wildlife Day at the Capitol

For Immediate Release: April 6, 2023

Melissa Smith, Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance (608) 234-8860

Britt Ricci, Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance (715) 651-5998

Francisco J. Santiago-Avila, Project Coyote (651) 285-2738

Advocating for wildlife has never been so important

MADISON — On April 18, 2023, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf and Wildlife, Project Coyote, The Rewilding Institute’s Heartland Rewilding, and Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance are calling on advocates to gather in solidarity at the state capitol to meet with lawmakers for Wisconsin wildlife. Talking points for the day include endangered species, chronic wasting disease (CWD), baiting/hounding regulations, wildlife killing contests, lead ammunition, the importance of predators on the landscape and most importantly, implementing a conservation model that is not only science-based, but also ecologically and ethically informed by all citizens who care about wildlife.

“The primary civic duty of legislators is to listen to their constituents and legislate accordingly. And it’s our duty as citizens to inform them, convey to them our issues and governance concerns, advise them on how to address those concerns, and encourage them to take action through legislation. This is even more important when the lives of vulnerable, voiceless others are at stake.” says organizer Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila, PhD | Science & Conservation Manager.

Diana Miller, retired Elder and Menominee tribal member states, “I am attending Wildlife Day because as a member of the Menominee Nation and first person of Wisconsin, it is important to me to speak on behalf of our wild relatives”.

Other voices, such as wildlife rehabilitators, outdoor enthusiasts and scientists plan to attend in order to convey their concerns about wildlife policy. “As a hunter and a father, informing our legislators about the importance of wolves in keeping our ecosystem healthy is vital for future generations” says Erik Schyvinck, hunter and forester in Central Wisconsin.

Collectively, the groups aim to help citizens inform legislators that wildlife belongs to everyone and that keystone species, like wolves, need special consideration and protections. Wildlife Day is an opportunity to bring together wildlife watchers, ethical hunters, scientists, silent sports enthusiasts, farmers, tribal members and anyone who truly cares about wildlife as a unified voice for policy.

The event is free of cost and all are welcome. To sign up for Wildlife Day at the Capitol, visit

Please join us for a special Fireside Chat TONIGHT @ 6:00 PM to learn more about why citizen lobbying is the most important thing you can do for wildlife right now.

You understand the inhumanity of the horrific hunting practices in Wisconsin. As constituents, we can bring education, science and understanding to our state legislators so that these kinds of practices can be banned once and for all. Thank you for your continued support in the effort to protect Wisconsin wolves and wildlife for the generations to come. We hope to see you tonight!

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