A Note From Our Executive Director

We are back in action with our first in-person Citizen Lobby Day since 2018! Would you like an opportunity to influence the legislative process regarding important wildlife issues? Your participation and dedication to wolves and wildlife is more important than ever. We cannot take anything for granted and it is imperative for lawmakers to know that Wisconsinites want action on wildlife conservation priorities NOW.

With the win of Janet Protasiewicz to our Wisconsin Supreme Court, Wisconsin may have a chance to turn this ship around. And that’s good news for the many species who call Wisconsin home. This is what democracy looks like.

We have been working very hard to offer our advocates this great opportunity to educate Wisconsin legislators about critical wildlife issues that YOU care about. No experience is necessary to participate. You don’t have to be there all day, and we will accommodate your schedule when making appointments with your legislators. Not only that, it’s our tenth anniversary party! We cannot wait to meet so many of you.

Handouts with talking points will be provided for the day, including endangered species, chronic wasting disease (CWD), bear baiting, hounding, killing contests, lead ammunition, the importance of predators on the landscape and most importantly, implementing a conservation model that is not only science-based, but also ecologically and ethically informed by all citizens who care about wildlife.

As a citizen lobbyist, you play an important role in communicating the importance of conservation and environmental protection to Wisconsin legislators. Personal contact with your legislator could make the difference between a vote against cruel hunting methods or a vote for wildlife being harmed. Please register ASAP so we can start scheduling your appointments, ordering your t-shirt and making sure you have a delicious lunch!

Many of you remember the February 2021 Wisconsin Wolf Hunt. It was a reckless and rushed recreational trophy hunt where quotas were exceeded across the state. Many of the methods used – running wolves with multiple packs of dogs, pursuit by snowmobile and ATVs, night hunting using predator calls and night vision goggles, and shooting without a license. Hundreds of our wolves killed at the hand of hatred and ignorance. This hunt will be burned forever in my mind, so I have made a personal and professional commitment to not only wolves, but to you too. We are NOT letting a massacre like that happen again. This is what Wildlife Day is all about.

She needs her family. She needs you.

Please join us for a day of speaking up for Wisconsin wolves and wildlife!

Starting with a morning legislative briefing, guest speakers and lunch, we’ll then proceed onto individual meetings with your State Senator and Representative in support of wolf protections and other wildlife issues that matter most to you.

We will provide FREE lunch, legislator talking points and prep time, handouts, our 10th anniversary t-shirt and pre-scheduled appointments with your legislators.

There is still time to sign up. It is very important for us to know you will come so we can plan in advance. There is no cost to attend and ALL are welcome!

The Wisconsin Conservation Congress is Broken

“The only way to influence and change the WCC is through massive public participation in the congress and education about its shortcomings. Many Wisconsinites don’t even know the WCC exists or what it does, and the congress seems to like it that way.”

As an organization, we have had many discussions on what we should do about WCC with our advocates and other environmental groups. While we still encourage our advocates to vote on the Spring Ballot, we believe it may be more powerful to create our own Congress, rather than cater to a minority of hunters and trappers who then point to the few pro-wildlife delegates as proof that this body employs a democratic process. We need to expose the dirty tricks the WCC leadership is using to our lawmakers, attend our hearing and vote on the online questionnaire. Your voice matters. 

Wildlife Day is just around the corner and we need your help getting the word out. Please print these flyers and distribute as many copies as you can to friends, family and around your local community…all are welcome!

Volunteers are needed on Wildlife Day. We are looking for people to help with set up/take down, serving lunch, etc. If you are interested in helping out, please be sure to sign up as a volunteer when you to register for Wildlife Day.

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