The constant political attacks on wildlife and their homes may make you feel under siege. We know just how that feels. With your help, we’ve played great defense, beating back dozens of attacks. Now it is time to hop off this merry-go-round and make our voices heard at the ballot box.

That is why we are joining Endangered Species Coalition in launching their our Get Out the Wild Vote campaign. Now we are reaching out to you, our activists, to join our nationwide movement!

The most important thing that we can all do is be informed voters in November and vote.

In this Congress alone, there have been attempts to strip wolves of all Endangered Species Act protections, allow brutal hunting of bears in Alaska, block protections for greater sage grouse, and to take the enforcement power out of the Endangered Species Act.

Despite the importance of our elected decision-makers, a recent study shows that “environmentalists” are not committed voters. Endangered species need you to be ready to vote and to bring as many of your neighbors with you as you can. That’s why we built the Get Out the Wild Vote Toolkit. Here is everything you need to be an educated and prepared voter.

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After you have checked to make sure that your voter registration is correct and you are ready for election day, have a look at our toolkit and learn how you can sign up for election reminders, register other voters, or ask candidates questions leading up to the election. Elections have enormous consequences and endangered species need you to show up ready and informed. Please check your voter registration or register to vote today.

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.