Principles of the GLWAWhat is the Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance?

We are a group of hunters, non-consumptive users, animal welfare advocates, farmers, politicians, business persons and diverse citizens who want to move wildlife management towards an ethical, science-based, democratic vision of wildlife conservation that respects diversity and the intrinsic value of all life.

We believe in the need for wildlife stewardship to be reflective of democratic values and public interest, best available science and the U.S. public trust.

We will advocate for the change of processes within current wildlife stewardship, game agencies and the biases within these systems. We will empower and encourage collaboration for people to have an active voice for wildlife through joining the GLWA.

We will work to develop an alliance of individuals and organizations committed to the advancement of science-based, democratic policies to conserve and protect our region’s ecosystems. While we certainly expect our guiding principles and goals to be developed and changed collaboratively, the principles that we believe in, we feel we can come together hoping to build a broader collaboration based upon common core values.

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To learn how to join the Great Lakes Wildlife Alliance, please contact Melissa Smith at 608-234-8860 or