Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife is proud to announce that we are getting close to our goal to raise funds to protect Wisconsin wolves in court.

Over the past year, we have seen wolves lose their Environmental Species Act protections and slaughtered by hounds a few weeks later.  Despite hundreds of citizens voicing their support for wolves and a zero quota for this fall’s mandated hunt, the illegitimate Natural Resources Board has ignored the people and demanded even more wolves be killed. Now, we are asking the courts to uphold the public trust and keep Wisconsin wolves out of the crosshairs this November.  

What would you give to protect at least another 300 wolves from being killed this fall?  

Imagine not only preventing the suffering and death of hundreds of wolves and their pups from being slaughtered with the use of hounds who’ve had unlimited training throughout the year tracking them from baiting stations with millions of pounds of donuts, cereal and other junk food, snare and body gripping traps, run down by ATVs, and shot with the use of high-tech night vision. 

We have served as one of the key organizations in the entire region since 2012 with our outstanding group of advocates, ongoing public outreach including original educational films such as “Political Predator”, Billboard Campaigns, weekly Fireside Chats and more.

With a legal response and increased financial security, we will be more capable than ever of fulfilling our mission to bring people closer to their goal of permanently protecting wolves and wildlife in the Great Lakes region from egregious, unethical policies.

2021 marks Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife’s 9th year. Please join us in fulfilling our longtime dream by making a pledge or donation today. In so doing, you’ll help us reach our second, equally important goal of securing at least 250 donors.

Thanks to many generous donors, we’ve already raised 90% of the funds we need. But now we need your help getting over the finish line…and for a limited time, thanks to one generous donor your contribution will be doubled!  

Please join us in our fight to stop this hunt…