Projects: 2018  (coming soon!)

Projects: 2017

We know we have an uphill battle ahead of us under the current administration. The board of directors will be working furiously to come up with a plan start to creating new solutions.


We need to get serious about the root causes of the problems and not be complacent in simply pointing out the problems. We need inclusive decision-making to create actionable plans. Then, we need to make sure the plans are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) enough that anyone in the community who wants to can help. Then we need evaluation and review to make sure the impact and outcomes meet the intentions. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!


Projects: 2016

Red Cliff Wolf Research and Monitoring: Pack Dynamics, Home Range, and Prey Selection of Gray Wolves on the Bayfield Peninsula

We have agreed to provide two GPS wolf collars for the Red Cliff Nation in conjunction with a matching grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and USFWS. This will provide real time information on wolf travel on the Bayfield Peninsula in Wisconsin so that conflict can be avoided and wolves can have sanctuary. This is part of our ongoing dedication to non-lethal wildlife coexistence.

Cost: (2) $5000.00 GPS collars

Western Great Lakes Non-Lethal Farming Guide

We are working on a project to restructure the Defender’s of Wildlife Non-Lethal booklet in conjunction with other experts, to tailor it to the needs of all wildlife, especially large predators for the Western Great Lakes on behalf of Friends of The Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife and Endangered Species Coalition. We have met with Wildlife Services and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and are reaching out to other partners who could be involved with this project to save lives, both farm animals and wildlife. Non-lethal can be expensive, period and just getting the information out to farmers who have experienced depredation issues and to wildlife services will be cost funds for printing.

Cost: (250) $1000.00 for printing booklet costs and fencing in partnership with USDA and Wildlife Services on non-lethal mentorship program


Farmer Network and Mentorship Programs

We are also creating a network of farmers currently using non-lethal forms of coexistence that might be willing to act as mentors to create community project around reservations and rural communities.Right now, farmers are not able to kill wolves, even those in the rare instance that attack livestock or dogs. We want to empower farmers without having them resort to unlawful conduct and to see the benefits of living with predators.


Banning Coyote Killing Contests, Captive Penning and the use of Hounds on Wildlife

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife is working to ban killing contests in Wisconsin and beyond. Please view our movie, Dogs of War to learn more about the culture of hound hunting in Wisconsin. If you believe coyote killing contests like this one don’t belong in Wisconsin, consider donating to Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife, writing a letter to the editor, passing county resolutions and more to have your voice heard. For assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Howls of thanks.