Our Response to COVID-19

We truly care about each and every one of you and we are in this together, one big pack. This is the time to come together, to express concern and love, even with those you disagree with. We too, share your grief.

Help Us Stop the Most Brutal Attack Ever on Endangered Species

Yesterday, the Trump administration took an axe to the Endangered Species Act. Today it's easier for special interests to harm wildlife across this country in their pursuit of profits. It's not too late to stop the extinction crisis, but we need a strong Endangered Species Act to do it, and we need your help...

PRESS RELEASE: Howls May be Silenced by Passage of Absurd โ€œManage Our Wolves Actโ€

Today the US House of Representatives passed HR 6784, the โ€œManage Our Wolves Actโ€ despite public opposition from constituents, scientists, hunters and business owners.

Environmental Leadership Prize Awarded to Nancy Warren

Congratulations to Nancy who is being honored for her many years of work on behalf of numerous environmental causes. Nobody deserves this award more than you do !