Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf and Wildlife is a grassroots organization which was started in 2011, and officially became recognized as a 501(c) (3) in 2012. We formed in response to the wolf hunt and expansion of hunting and trapping in state parks in Wisconsin and have been active in participating in wolf and wildlife reform, inspiring mainstream hunters, non-extractive users, scientists, tribal members and the general public to become involved with wildlife through advocacy and education.

Strategic Plan

The FOTWW’s Strategic Plan sets our priorities and focuses our work on the most meaningful goals we can accomplish to advocate for wolves and wildlife in Wisconsin and beyond. While our strategic plan is currently under development for 2016-2018, we are focusing and measuring our success by the following:

  1. Organizational Stability – Expand mentoring and resources for volunteers, to increase recruitment, commitment and retention. Creating Scientific Advisory Board
  2. Internal Communications/Transparency – Foster and safeguard a culture of open communications and transparency in all facets of FOTWW.
  3. Partnerships – Maintain existing and establish new partnerships that support the mission of the FOTWW
  4. Outreach/Education – FOTWW actively engages diverse audiences through broadened outreach opportunities. Create a task group of diverse individuals to develop targeted outreach.
  5. Financial Sustainability – Build an endowment to meet current obligations, along with projected needs and opportunities.
  6. Advocacy – The FOTWW board and volunteers are actively engaged at all levels of government and community forums in advocating for wolves and wildlife in Wisconsin.
  7. Media – Keep FOTWW in the news through various tactics, including letters to the editor, protests, campaigns, radio/tv, press releases, ETC.


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