Big Not Bad

A coalition of Great Lakes advocacy groups launched a this campaign to help demonstrate that wolves are a public asset, beloved by the citizens who live here. The majority of citizens, including those living amongst wolves, representing all walks of life including hunters, hikers, naturalists and farmers of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan believe that wolves belong on the landscape and understand the vital role wolves play in the ecosystem. The project was launched with help from Mindfruit Studios and world renowned photographer, Jim Brandenburg, who lends his voice to this beautiful campaign launch video.

A Video Message to Senator Tammy Baldwin

We sent the following video to Senator Tammy Baldwin in response to her stance to remove wolves from the Endangered Species Act. Please take a moment to view this important video response.

Political Predator

Please join Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf and watch our debut film, Political Predator. The film’s subject is how the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt came to be up until relisting in December of 2014. The wolf is currently in jeopardy again with two congressional bills. The film goes into great depth regarding the politicization of the species, including the attack on the Wisconsin Idea, the UW system and science.

Dogs of War

In this companion film to Political Predator, we take a closer look at the practice of using hounds to hunt wolves.