It is very important that we keep the pressure on by contacting our state and federal officials and telling them that we want to keep wolves protected.

WISCONSIN RESIDENTS: Figure out who your local elected officials are and how to contact them here.

U.S. RESIDENTS: Tell your U.S. Senators and Representatives that wolves need federal protection.

Letter to EditorA letter to the editor (LTE) is another effective way to influence elected officials and educate others. Members of Congress are particularly responsive to letters in their constituents’ local newspapers. There may be no easier way to make a public statement of support for wolves than a writing a letter to the editor.

Keep Rabies and License Tags for Bear/Wolf Hounds

On December 5, 2017, Assembly Bill 711 was introduced, which would eliminate the requirement that a person hunting bear or wolf with hunting dogs carry rabies and license tags.

Under current law, while a person is using a dog to hunt bear or wolf, the person is required to keep on his or her person, tags indicating that the person has been issued a license for the dog and the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. This bill eliminates these requirements.

When hunting with hounds, conflict is inevitable and often includes serious injury to other people, wildlife and dogs. Tell your Wisconsin Legislator this bill is outrageous, unfair and a public safety risk. 

Stop Wisconsin’s Wolf Poaching Bill

Ask your Wisconsin state legislator to oppose legislation SB 602 that would block the DNR and police from investigating wolf poaching and prevent any state expenditures to protect wolves.  Here is the bill (SB 602).

This absurd legislation would make it illegal for law enforcement to enforce state or federal law relating to management of wolves in Wisconsin. It would also block the Department of Natural Resources from using its resources relating to carry out wolf management or protection other than paying claims for damage caused by wolves. This gives a green light to those who wish to harm wolves to do so without fear of consequences.

Tell your Wisconsin Legislator that poaching violations should be investigated and enforced and that state management of wolves, whether protected under the ESA or not, is crucial to their long term recovery.