On Tuesday, April 18, 2023 Wisconsin wildlife advocates will be gathering in solidarity at their state capitol to meet with lawmakers and speak for our wolves and wildlife.
Join this movement to tell your lawmakers to protect Wisconsin wolves and wildlife. Wolves especially need us to speak for them, as they may soon lose federal protections in the coming new year. State wildlife management agencies are already preparing to open more state-sanctioned hunting, hounding, snaring and trapping seasons on wolves to reduce their population.
As a constituent, you are vital in persuading legislators that wildlife belongs to everyone and that keystone species, like wolves, need special consideration and protections. Wildlife Day is an opportunity to bring together and ethical hunters, non-consumptive users, scientists, silent sports enthusiasts, farmers, tribal members and anyone who truly cares about wildlife as a unified yet, diverse voice for policy.
Volunteers are needed! We are looking for people to help with set up/take down, serving lunch, distributing materials and others willing to direct or accompany advocates to their appointments with legislators. If you are interested in helping out, please be sure to sign up as a volunteer when you to register for Wildlife Day!

It is very important for us to know you will come so we can plan in advance! 

State Street Capitol Garage – 214 N Carroll Street
Butler Street Parking – 21 S Butler Street
Capitol Square North Garage – 218 E Mifflin Street
Wilson Street Garage – 20 E Wilson Street

More parking info: https://www.cityofmadison.com/parking-utility/garages-lots