Wildlife Day at the Capitol


WHEN:  April 11th, 2018 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

WHERE:  Wisconsin State Capitol  |  2 E Main Street, Madison, WI

Michigan State Capitol  |  100 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI

Minnesota State Capitol  |  75 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, St. Paul, MN

COST:  FREE Event + free t-shirt !

Wisconsin Residents >> RSVP here

Michigan Residents >> RSVP here

Minnesota Residents >> RSVP here

On April 11, 2018 wildlife advocates in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota will be gathering in solidarity at their state capitols to meet with lawmakers and speak for wolves and wildlife in the Great Lakes region.

Join this movement to tell your lawmakers to protect wolves and wildlife in the Great Lakes states. Wolves especially need us to speak for them, as they may soon lose federal protections in the coming new year. State wildlife management agencies are already preparing to open more state-sanctioned hunting, hounding, snaring and trapping seasons on wolves to reduce their population by as much as two-thirds.

As a constituent, you are vital in persuading legislators that wildlife belongs to everyone and that keystone species, like wolves, need special consideration and protections. Wildlife Day is an opportunity to bring together and ethical hunters, non-consumptive users, scientists, silent sports enthusiasts, farmers, tribal members and anyone who truly cares about wildlife as a unified yet, diverse voice for policy.

As a thank you for participating, please accept our new t-shirt designed specially for this event by local artist, Cait Irwin! While we know some people may not want a new shirt, we ask that everyone wear a wolf or wildlife shirt to let lawmakers know we are there in solidarity. We will also have bussing and carpool options available for those traveling long distances to their capitol.

Volunteers are needed on and before Wildlife Day. We need people to help with set up and take down and distributing materials and others willing to stand in places throughout the office buildings to direct people. If you are interested in helping out, write us at wiforwolves@gmail.com to join the pack!


Diana Miller

I am attending Wildlife Day because as a member of the Menominee Nation and first persons of Wisconsin, it is important to me to speak on behalf of our wild relatives.

– Diana Miller





ErikAs a hunter and a father, informing our legislators about the importance of wolves in keeping our ecosystem healthy is vital for the future generations, including my family and wildlife.

– Erik Schyvinck





Kelly OsbornI’m concerned about policy not based in best available science or democracy. As a wildlife rehabilitator, it is my duty to bring this information to the Capitol.  

– Kelly Osborn





Alice MillerI live on a 300-acre farm in Northern Wisconsin. I kayak, hike, ride my horses, ski and snowshoe. Wildlife is an important part of my life as it is for my grandchildren. We must speak out.

– Alice Miller





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We look forward to Wildlife day at the Capitol where we can collectively work to bridge that gap between sportsmen and environmentalists, and finally get us all working together toward one common goal: Conservation in Wisconsin.