A Note from Our Executive Director

Valentine’s Day is a great time to appreciate the special people in our lives. It is also a perfect time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the wildlife that share our world. Wolves are a symbol of family, loyalty, and romance, and can make a perfect focus to your Valentine’s Day celebration. Watch a movie about wolves, take a walk in the woods, or even look for wolves in your area. No matter how you celebrate, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to express your appreciation for the family, friends and wildlife in our lives.

While the impact of Valentine’s Day on our relationships can be positive, we can’t always say the same about its impact on the wildlife we love. From decorations, to gifts to romantic gestures, I’ve been thinking about ways we all could make this year’s most romantic holiday more eco-conscious and memorable.

In regards to gifts, there are lots of options for surprising your loved one without adding to the overrun on consumerism. Instead of simply going through the motions this Valentine’s Day, get creative. Take the extra step to give your loved one a memorable day with minimal environmental impact, and without breaking the bank. It shows you care and it shows some love to Mother Nature, too.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards

Have an earth-friendly pal who you’re hoping to make more than a crush? Choose from a wide variety of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards, including plantable seed paper cards that not only communicate your feelings but can be planted directly into the ground to sprout new life. Other options include recycled paper cards, always a good call when going for a green Valentine.

Endangered Species Chocolate

We cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day without that famous chocolate, especially when it means helping an endangered animal at the same time. Endangered Species Chocolate is a sweet and selfless way to share your special feelings for someone on Valentine’s Day while supporting conservation efforts all across the globe…and we thought eating chocolate couldn’t get any better!

It is also very important not to purchase products with palm oil. You can get this incredible app that I personally use to scan products to see if they contain palm oil. It can be insidious so this app tells you what products have been tested on animals and what is wildlife friendly.

As always, please remember to continue attending our Fireside Chats and comment on the Wisconsin Wolf Management Plan before the end of February. We are also very excited about our education programs, Wildlife Day at the Capitol event and 10th Anniversary coming up this spring…stay tuned!

The Wisconsin DNR is holding a public listening session for the proposed Wolf Management Plan on as part of the public review and comment period. This listening session is an additional opportunity for anyone interested to provide input on the proposed plan while the public review and comment period remains open until February 28th.

DNR staff will give a brief overview of the plan, and the public comment period will immediately follow. To make sure they hear from everyone who registers to speak, staff will not be addressing questions.


WHAT: Proposed Wolf Management Plan Listening Session

WHEN: Tuesday, February 7th @ 4:00 PM

WATCH LIVE: Members of the public who do not wish to provide testimony during the hearing and only want to listen can watch a live feed of the hearing on the DNR’s YouTube channel. After the event, the recording will be accessible on YouTube for on-demand viewing.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023 Wisconsin wildlife advocates will be gathering in solidarity at their state capitol to meet with lawmakers and speak for our wolves and wildlife.

Join this movement to tell your lawmakers to protect Wisconsin wolves and wildlife. Wolves especially need us to speak for them, as they may soon lose federal protections in the coming new year. State wildlife management agencies are already preparing to open more state-sanctioned hunting, hounding, snaring and trapping seasons on wolves to reduce their population.

As a constituent, you are vital in persuading legislators that wildlife belongs to everyone and that keystone species, like wolves, need special consideration and protection. Wildlife Day is an opportunity to bring together and ethical hunters, non-consumptive users, scientists, silent sports enthusiasts, farmers, tribal members and anyone who truly cares about wildlife as a unified yet, diverse voice for policy.

Please join us for a day of speaking up for Wisconsin wolves and wildlife! Starting with a morning legislative briefing and guest speakers, lunch, then individual meetings with your State Senator and Representative in support of wolf protections and other wildlife issues that matter most to you.

We will provide FREE lunch, legislator talking points and prep time, handouts, our 10th anniversary t-shirt and pre-scheduled appointments with your legislators. Please save the date and stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Great Lakes Wolf Attitude Survey Results

As wolf advocates, it is easy to become discouraged. We often wonder if we are reaching anyone. We must acknowledge that no amount of education will ever change the minds of those who believe one wolf in the state is too many. Instead of arguing with the vocal minority we need to continue to concentrate our efforts on those “in the middle” instead of the vocal minority.

Over the last two years, wolf attitude surveys were conducted in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan as part of the state’s process in updating their wolf plan. And throughout the Great Lakes Region, attitudes have improved.

We must continue to inform through social media, dispel myths and tall tales with letters to newspapers, provide presentations at libraries and in schools and provide factual data through newsletters and word of mouth. Click below to read more about how attitudes towards wolves in the Great Lakes region have started to shift.

Be sure mark your calendar for our next Fireside Chat on Thursday, February 16th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

Meeting ID: 966 2471 6122

Passcode: 854398

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