Environmental Leadership Prize Awarded to Nancy Warren

Nominated by the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition (UPEC), long time board member, Nancy Warren, has been named the winner of the Petoskey Prize for Environmental Leadership.

The Petoskey Prize recognizes a volunteer activist whose outstanding grassroots environmental leadership is marked by commitment, creativity and courage. Inaugurated in 2001, the award carries a $5,000 gift which Nancy has designated to be used to further wolf education and research in Michigan.

Nancy is being honored for her many years of work on behalf of numerous environmental causes.

Her environmental leadership skills extend back many decades. They focus around the core goals of protecting and enhancing public lands, promoting ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, restoring habitat and sustainable species populations, increasing informed citizen involvement in democratic environmental stewardship, and building organizational capacities to pursue these goals.

Nancy’s passion for wolves began in the early 1990s as wolves began to recolonize the state. Nancy discovered that for wolves to survive there needs to be human tolerance of wolf behavior. Her goal is to have a sustainable wolf population within suitable habitat.

Congratulations to Nancy, who has been a long-time mentor and friend to us here at FOTWW. Nobody deserves this award more than you do!ย 






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