Wisconsin Wolf Management Public Input Questionnaire Guide

Friends, here is your opportunity to not only stop the fall wolf hunt, but to weigh in on the future of wolf management in Wisconsin. This is a critical action, and probably the most important thing you will do in advocating for wolves in 2021. This plan will set the next ten years of wolf management in our state and with constant threats of poaching, habitat loss and climate change, so it is absolutely vital that we participate in this next opportunity for wolf advocacy.

This comment period is from April 15th – May 15th and is open to everyone, even out-of-state residents who have a vested interest in wild wolves. 

Questions on this survey have been worded to get the results the DNR wants and not necessarily what the public wants. Please use the following guide we have put together to help you navigate the survey as you fill it out. Links to our Public Input Questionnaire Guide are available below in both Google Doc and PDF formats:

GOOGLE DOC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uz3RcbrPgWNfBpDftUF9r6uPRQQd4kFv/view?usp=sharing

The input you provide on this questionnaire will be considered by the 2021 Wolf Harvest Advisory Committee, Wolf Management Plan Committee and DNR staff. Thank you again for your hard work and leadership as wolf conservationists. If any further questions or concerns come up as you are filling out this survey, please feel free to contact us !

When you are ready to start filling out your survey, please click here:

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Wolf Management Public Input Questionnaire Guide

  1. Are we able to go out of the questionnaire and then go back on later to finish up? Or do we have to finish then & there once we start?

    Can people use the same computer from the same family?

    Thank you for all your help!!!


    1. I know you can’t do more than one on your phone…not sure about your computer. You probably won’t be able to do more than one on the same computer either. I haven’t done mine yet but a friend did hers earlier in the week and wasn’t able to again on her phone


      1. OK thanks for the help. I’ll let everyone know. Best to just go on and finish at the same time so we need to set aside time to do it.


  2. I saw some of my answers switch to others while I was completing the questionnaire. I hope my free-format comments will rectify whatever distortions this concerning phenomenon caused. Thanks for all you’re doing.


  3. Leave the Wolves alone.
    Humans have taken away most of the area’s that were there for
    the animals.


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