Fireside Chat Revisited: Poaching Issues When Wolves are Protected

At our Fireside Chat on Thursday, February 10th, Special Guest Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila PhD joined us to talk about his work with carnivore protection in the Midwest, and what happens with Wisconsin wolves both when they are protected and what happens when they lose protection.

Poaching is the main cause of mortality for many large carnivores, and mitigating it is imperative for the persistence of their populations. When hunting wolves was prohibited in Wisconsin, periods of increased risk in overall mortality and poaching seem to overlap temporally with legal hunting seasons for other large mammals.

Click below to listen in on this fantastic Fireside discussion with Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila:

One thought on “Fireside Chat Revisited: Poaching Issues When Wolves are Protected

  1. thank you for posting the Fireside chat on Poaching Issues when wolves are protected. I was not able to see the presentation live, and appreciate having the opportunity to review it now. Thank you to those doing the research, and thank you to those involved in the Wi. wolf protection project, including but only Melissa.


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